Sh Industrial Needs


PropertiesDegree of Gloss: Silver Metallic, similar to hot dip galvanization
Anti – Corrosive
Heat resistant upto 300 deg C
Product SpecificationThe durable anti-corrosive quality for the repair of zinc-plated surfaces matched in colour makes the zinc-alu primer particularly consumer-friendly. Also suitable for coating blank metals to protect them from corrosion. Tamper-proof cap avoids unauthorized use.
QualityBasis of binder: special combination of acrylic resin
Propellent free of CFCs
DryingDust Dry after approx.15 Min
Touch Proof after approx 1 Hour
Thoroughly dry after approx 12 Hour
Productivity500ml sufficient to cover approx 1.5 m2
Size520ml Euro-can with 400ml contents
MOQ12 Cans. Packing 12 Cans/Carton