Sh Industrial Needs


We are proud distributors of BOSNY Spray Paints, a unit of R.J. London Chemicals. These spray paints are available in 400 ml Aerosol spray Cans which can cover an area of 25 Sq.Ft. Fast drying 100% Acrylic Epoxy paint especially for wood, metal and plastic. Widely used in Automotive, Handicraft, Arts & Crafts, Powder Coating, Fabrication and many more for touch-up applications.

Available in more than 50 vibrant shades. DOTCOM Spray paints are available in all RAL shades and developed against bulk orders as per panel shades or RAL Shades.

  • Fluorescent Spray Paint
  • Chrome Effect
  • Gold Effect
  • Brass Effect
  • Copper Effect
  • Diamond Effect Glitter Spray
  • Marking Spray Paint
  • Automotive Touch-Up Spray Paint
  • Heat Resistant Spray Paint
  • Stone marking Paint
  • RJ London Wall Putty
  • Roof Sealer
  • Silicon Sealant