Sh Industrial Needs


Lever hoists, often referred to as come-a-longs are usually used when the user is required to hoist the load up towards the top hook where the user is positioned and has access to operate the ratchet lever. If hoisting from ground level, you might require a chain block (hand chain hoist). Alternatively, lever hoists are commonly used to tension, pull and position loads, often horizontally.

The hoist and trolley combo packs feature a compact design which is perfect for use in locations where more headroom is required. Manual hand chain hoist is used to raise and lower the hook a full 10' of travel. Anti-drop straps are included for safety. Both the hoist and trolley are constructed of heavy duty industrial steel with a durable enamel finish for long life.

We stock heavy duty lever hoist from ¾ through 6 Ton in customized chain lengths.