Sh Industrial Needs


Lifting nets are an excellent, lightweight solution for lifting a variety of cargo that’s either heavy and/or an awkward shape, are can be difficult to accommodate with traditional webbing lifting slings. Because the net encloses around the cargo and gathers to a lifting point, it creates a secure and balanced method of lifting, without adding excessive weight like a chain sling or lifting beam can.

The four point design of the net utilizes a nylon peripheral rope featuring four loops that draw together under tension to secure the cargo within the net. Loops are reinforced for strength and long-lasting durability. An optional four point polyester load strap with snap hooks and a load ring makes your lift net ready to go right out of the box. An additional option is purchasing a 4 Leg Nylon Bridle Sling.

Our lifting netting from In Cord are available in two different sizes. Both are made from a polypropylene knotless netting with square mesh. A balanced knitting construction throughout the net not only enhances durability and strength, it eliminates the chance of knotting. The high tenacity fiber is highly resistant to abrasions, chemicals, and moisture.