Sh Industrial Needs


Wire rope winches are commonly used in various applications from recovery of motor vehicles to the rigging of staging curtains. We provide a range of quality cable grips, wire rope tensioners, load binders, wire rope pullers and more.

Winches come in a range of designs from manual 'hand operated' models to remote control electrically operated winches. Our huge range of winches have safe working loads from 50kg up to 10000kg. Our electrically operated winches can be powered by 12v car batterys, 3phase electricity or single phase electricity. Our hand operated winches can be powered by, yes, you guessed it…you!

Our range of winches:

  • Wire rope winches
  • Electric Wire Rope Winches
  • Hand Operated Wire Rope Winches
  • Remote Control Winches
  • Car/vehicle Winches
  • 4×4 Winches
  • Recovery Winches