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NON-Magnetic Titanium Tools

Non-magnetic, titanium tools are completely secure for use with bio-medical or diagnostic imaging machines, such as MRI scanners, It is stronger than steel or aluminium as Titanium possesses a greater strength-to-weight ratio. Titanium Tools are 60% lighter in density than steel thus the weight of the tools are nearly half the weight of normal tools. MRI technology uses magnetic waves to take detailed photos of the human body; it is unsafe to have objects that are magnetic present in the room. Do not expect that all maintenance tools will have been removed before the next patient’s scan. To ensure the safety of patients and staff, we recommend the use of MRI safe tools in your MRI suite.

Our MRI tools are primarily made of titanium, making these MRI approved tools both durable and safe for magnetic wave exposure. Additionally, the titanium tools are simple to use, as they operate in the exact manners as their metallic counterparts. Our selection of MRI tools includes pliers, wrenches, socket wrenches, hex keys, screwdrivers, hammers, and scissors, with many of the implements available in your choice of sizes.