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As the market leader for high-torque cordless wrenches, GEDORE has now paved the way for wrenches in the 6,000 Nm category. In contrast to the commonly used 18V technology, all cordless wrenches work with 28V which delivers significantly faster and more efficient bolting and wrenching. Our team of engineers was inspired by the idea to bolt connections faster and more conveniently. Together with our new, more powerful high-power battery (140 Wh / 5 Ah / 28 V) a strong team!

In a nutshell:

The intelligent electronics of the Cordless Torque Wrench recognize when the required torque has been reached. The device is switched of and the reaction arm relaxes automatically so that it can be easily taken from the bolt.

A temperature sensor protects from overheating and switches the device of in time.

The drive unit is braked and can be rotated through 360°. The pistol grip sits securely in the hand.

A high-torque Cordless Torque Wrench to 500 Nm weighs, without reaction arm, 4.2 kg. The heavy-duty aluminum gearing facilitates lifting and working and greatly enhances work safety.

High work performance thanks to the lithium-ion batteries and microprocessor electronics. The powerful lithium-ion battery (24 V/5 Ah/140 Wh) works with consistent top performance until it is fully discharged.

The torque precision of our high-torque wrench fluctuates within a tolerance significantly under 3% for identical bolting operations. Every device is measured individually.