Sh Industrial Needs


High accuracy torque wrench, with unmatched features, safety & ergonomics

48 teeth ratchet allows for an engagement angle of 7-1/2° which is ideal; providing both precise adjustment & non slip use

Chrome – Molybdenum Steel Square Drive

Adjustment of torque is achieved by pressing the safety button & simultaneously pulling out the adjustment ring; turning the ring to the desired value, re-pressing the safety button & simultaneously pushing the adjustment ring back. Fully secure locking mechanism avoids forced adjustment

Lightweight with a comfort grip handle & lens for clear reading of the set value

Tightening achieved in clockwise direction with a click sound once the required torque is achieved. Reversing the ratchet allows for using the wrench in anti clockwise direction, used to loosen an over tightened fastener

Accurate to ± 4% of reading

Each unit is individually serial numbered & includes calibration certificate traceable to international standards

Protective plastic case included with each unit

Fully serviceable, repair kits available as spare